Permeable Paving

Minimizing the Overall Impact on Our Environment

Traditional urban construction has diverted rainwater into storm sewers and ultimately into streams, rivers and lakes. This diversion of rainwater has resulted in over-taxed sewer systems, as well as chemically and thermally polluted waters.

Benefits of Permeable Paving

  • Reduces storm water load
  • Eliminates thermal pollution of stream & rivers
  • Naturally filters contaminants & replenishes the water table
  • Enables rainwater to be easily harvested
  • Promotes healthy ecology

Impact on Trees

Porous pavements give urban trees the rooting space they need to grow to full size. A “structural-soil” pavement base combines structural aggregate with soil; a porous surface admits vital air and water to the rooting zone. This integrates healthy ecology and thriving cities, with the living tree canopy above, the city’s traffic on the ground, and living tree roots below.