Advantages of Stone Landscaping for Your Patio

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Landscaping services in Burlington & Oakville

Landscaping services in Burlington & Oakville

Spring has sprung, and now is the best time to upgrade your outdoor patio. With the warm summer months coming, your patio is an optimal space for entertaining outdoors – give your patio a makeover. The biggest trend in patio design is natural stone landscaping. With the beauty and uniqueness of natural stone, your patio will be transformed. There are some great advantages to using natural stone to landscape your patio, and we at Ashlar Landscape’s have compiled a list of just a few of these advantages:


Using natural stone means you get the beauty of the natural finish and the long lasting durability of stone. Stone landscaping can stand the test of time, and can outlast other natural options (like wood) when faced with being out in the elements. In the colder Canadian climate, natural stone can last those long harsh winters, not requiring the maintenance more delicate materials demands. Natural stone also offers more stability, being less likely to shift due to moisture levels or frost. You can count on natural stone to stand the test of time.

Unique Design

With natural stone landscaping in Oakville, you can choose the stone that’s right for your design vision, and each stone has its own unique look. With a wide variety of textures and colours, landscaping your patio with natural stone provides a rich, elegant aesthetic that looks great in all seasons. Stone does not show signs of aging or fading, so your natural stone patio will continue to look great over time. Landscaping with natural stone also allows support for desirable features such as waterfalls or ponds, turning your patio space into an outdoor oasis.

Easy Maintenance

Natural stone is a great low-maintenance option for any style of the patio. It provides a lovely natural aesthetic and can be used in diverse ways. Because of its durable nature, the natural stone does not require regular maintenance or repairs, thus cutting down on costs.

Natural stone is a patio landscape option that is a great long-term investment that is low maintenance. Our expert landscaping team can provide you with their valuable expertise when planning your new patio design. If you are looking for comprehensive landscaping services in Burlington & Oakville, give us a call at 289-337-1868 for your free consultation. Together we can make your outdoor living space beautiful!

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Landscaping services in Burlington & Oakville